My gaming interests are pretty varied - in fact, with one notable exception, I play most sorts of non-physical games except for computer games. The exception is Nethack, although FreeCiv is getting quite a look-in as well.

That out of the way, I role-play. A lot. Mainly using the GURPS system, but also other systems, and even system-less co-operative story-telling. The game genres I play in include Fantasy, Supers, SF, Horror and strange mixtures of these.

I also play a variety of card games. A few CCGs (INWO, Dinohunt), but mainly traditional games (or NCCGs) - like Chrononauts and Fluxx from Looney Labs, a whole swag of things from Cheapass Games, Mu and Gargon.

Boardgaming is also a popular with me. Settlers of Catan (and it's numerous varients) is a particular favourite, as are Carcassone, Entdeker, Serinissima, and a whole swag of other 'strange German boardgames'. I'm also fond of Frag, a first person shooter as a boardgame(!), History of the World, and various wargames. A particular favourite in wargames being GEV/Ogre.