A number of years ago, I was a sea-scout, and developed a love of camping (the link between sailing and this is ... tenous - but we prided ourselves on our versatility!) This extended into my school activities, where 'Outdoor Pursuits' were introduced as an alternative to competitive sports. One of these was rock-climbing.

Skip forward a number of years, and at one of UniSFA's Terracons I was introduced to caving. After that, I joined the SRGWA, and was a very active caver for a number of years. A large part of this involved SRT techniques, as a number of the caves were very vertical. Alas, the growing popularity of caving meant that the damage to the cave systems was increasing - and that new regulations were moving in. This lead to me bowing out of regular caving, in part to avoid the hassles of the new regulations, and in part to do my bit to minimise the damage to the very fragile cave environments.

Roll on another few years, and Leece buys me a boat for my birthday. Well, for a couple of days, anyway! A whale-watching trip on the STS Leeuwin. To try and get into shape for the trip, we decided to give indoor rock-climbing a go - and found that we both loved it!

Now, barring illness, conventions, work, web-site updates and other distractions, we climb twice a week (or more) at Rockface in Perth. We are not what you would call great climbers, but we try to be enthusiastic! Bouldering is a particular challenge, and we often spend the whole visit just doing that.

I have been collecting notes on technique, and a Newton Book of these can be found here(right-click and "Save As" to download). Sorry non-newts - no other PDAs are supported!

For the gear-heads, we use Bufo Spider shoes, and Singing Rock harnesses.

Alas, climbing has fallen by the wayside somewhat in 2005/6. It has largely been supplanted by much more cycling, and a lot of kayaking on our sit-on-tops. But we will get back to it, you can be sure!